"Ah'Nay is a very gifted intuitive counselor. She embodies that we can all change the direction of our lives and with her insight and gifts she is an excellent resource for those seeking spiritual guidance to todays life. Her guidance in my life has been invaluable.”  - Sheir Brown, Atlanta GA





"I hired Ah’Nay Satori to give me guidance in my life.  As a result I have become more active in my community.  Her gentle support allowed me to come out of my shell and start dating, which was one of my biggest concerns.  

I feel that having Ah’Nay as my Accountability Coach was very rewarding in addition to her helping me to focus on my personal development; including creating new experiences like going to the spa to receive a manicure and pedicure, something I’d never before considered.  Ah’Nay made this experience easier for me by meeting me at the spa and introducing me to the ladies.  It really felt good to have received so much attention.  Thanks Ah’Nay for all you do.”  - Ralph Woestemeyer, Atlanta, GA 









"I have been consulting with Ms. Ah’Nay for years and have been guided in the right direction ever since as a result of attending her group setting seminars and workshops.  It wasn’t until 2015 that my marriage and family life had begun to take a tow on me.  I called Ms. Ah’Nay and spoke with her about my problems.  She recommended the 360º LifeStyle Coaching program, she explained that consulting is given advice, but coaching, accountability coaching, is allowing me to learn how to resolve my own problems with her guided help.

Part of my challenge was financial, and I was feeling sorry for myself.  Ms. Ah’Nay gave me a firm, but loving brief chat that immediately inspired me to take action.  Within 4 days I had a job and was able to enroll in the Accountability Coaching program.  

My life today, including losing weight that keeps my husband wanting me, is one of constant focus on being proactive and not accepting excuses.  

Thanks to Ms. Ah’Nay, I am implementing patience with my husband and kids and receiving improvements I once thought impossible.  If you want a positive change and a no nonsense coach who can help get you there, Ms. Ah’Nay is the one.”
- Taliah Augustin, Atlanta, GA









"I’ve known Ah’Nay Satori for 16 years and have trusted her advice.  Ever since working with Ah’Nay, she has helped me to tap into my inner-self and draw the  much needed strength to overcome some of life’s most devastating experiences.

When I had my complimentary consultation, it was a pivotal point in my marriage and my life.  Without any judgement, Ah’Nay welcomed me (and my problems) and began coaching me to a place where I was finally able to make the right decisions for my marriage and my life.


Ah’Nay told me that it wouldn’t be easy, but with focus and hard work it would become easier; she was right.  I was able to make life changes that secured a loving home for me and my children, and allowed me to spread my wings and fly freely into the lifestyle I’ve always wanted.

Ah’Nay is not only my Accountability Coach, she has become a dear friend to me and my children, and I am blessed and the better for it.  Thank you Ah’Nay!” - Pamela Danette Boyd, Charlotte, NC










"First and foremost, I found Ah’Nay to very patient as a person, but even so as my Accountability Coach.  She listened to hear me without judgement or a premeditated response.  When I felt sorry for myself, Ah’Nay gently, but firmly, shared what I needed to be successful in achieving my goals, not just what I wanted to hear.  Oh by the way, Ah’Nay does not do “Pity Parties,” lol.  Her no nonsensical method of getting the job done is one to implement as a lifestyle.

Although Ah’Nay offered many tools to help me to reach my goals, she also gave a thorough understanding of each tool given and how to properly integrate them into my new lifestyle. 

One of the hurdles Ah’Nay helped me to overcome was financial.  I had a low wage paying job which caused much stress and pain in my life as a single mom.  Ah’Nay’s Personal Development techniques, positive affirmations and "take action" coaching sessions had me in a new job position in no time, earning more money than I’d expected.

As an Accountability Coach, Ah’Nay went above and beyond. She even taught me the value of cooking at home as opposed to eating out at fast-food restaurants, a regular bad habit I used to own.

And when my relationship was in serious tumor, Ah’Nay instilled the importance of standing up for myself and being firm with my wants, needs and desires.  As a result,  I recently became a new bride May 19, 2016, just shortly after completing her Accountability Coaching program.  Accepting my invite to attend our upcoming reception is just who Ah’Nay is; you’re not just a client, you’re a friend.

The best part is that Ah’Nay offered convenient platforms to receive her coaching. I was able to have my sessions while at work during my lunch break, and boy did I need it!  

If your are  one who procrastinates, has low self-esteem, is at that fork in the road or wishes to rid yourself of stress and pain, I highly recommend Ah’Nay Satori as your Accountability Coach … she’s my choice!"

- Jennifer Lesleigh Moore-Watson, Greensboro, NC

“Ah'Nay has a great knowledge of naturopathy, iridology, kinesiology, acupressure, and a host of other natural healing methodologies. I worked with Ah'Nay briefly to evaluate some of these Intuitive, Healing, Herbal technologies for one of our projects and highly recommend her to anyone seeking natural and homeopathic solutions.”  - Teo Graca, Atlanta, GA

“I was unhealthy, overweight and had lost all the focus in my life. Ah’Nay and the 360º LifeStyle Coaching program provided me with the much needed care and nonjudgmental atmosphere that encouraged me to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. I would highly recommend this simple program to everyone.”

- Johnston Howell, Grand Rapids, MI

“Accountability Coaching with the 360º LifeStyle Coaching program has provided me with great results and transformed my life for the better. Right from offering effective healing techniques to helping me in organizing my life, the educationally informative program is excellent for personal development and restoring health and confidence.“  - Jennifer Winston, Shreveport, LA






I was introduced to AH'NAY through my brother, Jordan; He was setting her up as a possible client for BB&T merchant services. He told me all about her, and I was so interested that I contacted her and we hit it off immediately. Almost as if we had known each other our entire life. I was very open to her services, and she amazed me in what she could tell me about myself, work dynamics, personality, past life, future goals, my living situation, etc. I could go on and on, but her skills are almost unbelievable! I have never done anything like this before. I consistently stay in contact with AH'NAY, and I have met with her more than once. She also goes above and beyond to check in with me and catch up. I would definitely suggest to anyone who is OPEN to contact AH'NAY. She is simply an Angel on earth, and I suggest her to everyone who is open to this idea. AH'NAY will blow your mind away, and you will leave on cloud nine!!” - Geoff Shearer, Atlanta, GA











"Hiring Ah'Nay Satori was one of my best made decisions.  I accomplished all of my first month goals: 1) transformed my eating habits, preparing delicious foods and I began regular exercise which helped me to lose 15 plus pounds; 2) I reconnected with playing the piano and photography; 3) I reconnected with quality people - two old friends and a relative.

Also, I've completed most of my third month goals as well.  On my 6 months goals, my skin cleared up some; my swelling and inflammation decreased significantly.  I eat more whole foods.  I do not have any illnesses; and I noticed that I have reclaimed the joy in my life...I started humming again.

Ah'Nay recommended several personal development books that I read, which helped to shift my focus, so I was able to complete many important tasks.  I learned that most of my struggle was in my thinking.  Once  I overcame those negatives thoughts, I could be more positive!

The 360⁰ LifeStyle Coaching program, along with the care, guidance and support of Ah'Nay Satori, an Accountability Coach who was literally in the trenches with me every step of the way, is a force to be reckoned with.


I highly recommend the 360⁰ LifeStyle Coaching program to anyone seeking to positively change and successfully reach their goals."  - Sabrina Lisa Mills, Atlanta, GA ​

“Ah-Nay has been a wonderful advisor, counselor. Highly intuitive and accurate. She has helped me many many times on my path of life. Namaste.” - Robin Albury, GA








Alexx & Anifa, Romania



“I had reached a point in my life where I was extremely confused about my career and personal life. However, after working with others in the group coaching program with similar concerns, I realized I was not alone.  The 360º LifeStyle Coaching program helped me to adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and I made new friends. I am so pleased, I renewed my program.” - Wesley Kensington,  Philadelphia, PA

“Working with Ah’Nay has been nothing short of a positive experience.  From the moment we met, she gave a great deal of care and attentiveness to my problems.  When I felt old and my knees were aching, Ah’Nay told me that she “does not do old.”  She immediately recommended a healing technique that instantly took away the pain in my knees.  And then she created a personalized workout routine that over time, helped me to build my body and my confidence.  Being a part of her group coaching helped me to feel comfortable in a social setting and allowed me to learn from others.

​I must admit that I had my doubts about working with an Accountability Coach because I simply believed that everyone should be accountability.  What I hadn't   realized, thanks to Ah’Nay’s enlightenment, is that for various reasons some people just need help to stay on track.  

In the corporate world this is not only necessary, but critical to the day to day  business operations.  Ah’Nay Satori implemented a workable program which helped to motivate our executives, increased productivity and promoted greater team morale in   our company.  The program is helpful for professionals who experience unnecessary stress, low productivity and lack of focus, all of which can effect the bottom line. 

For any company seeking to generate a better bottom line, it is best to know that it starts with healthy employees.  I strongly recommend Ah’Nay Satori and the Accountability Coaching program.”

- Hugh Vincent, Canada

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