Healing Modalities


Expansive mind growth, promoting self-confidence, empowerment and the successful fulfillment of individualized goals. 

Breathing Therapy
Proper breathing is one of the catalyst for good health and can help to  stabilize the heart rate, calm the nervous system, promote fluidity of the circulatory system and heal at a cellular level.  Breathing garners health benefits such as mental alertness, increased energy and stamina, and strengthens the core, our energetic life force center.

Laugh Therapy

There are many benefits of Laugh Therapy, but the most important one is the body's ability to relax.  When the body (nervous system) is able to relax, the body retreats from stress mode and is allowed to begin healing, naturally.  In addition, laughing just makes you feel good and garners a whole new life perspective. 


Calms the soul, stimulates the mind, massages the heart and relaxes the nervous system, all while alleviating stress and inducing a state of peaceful wellbeing.


Thought Field Therapy
Discovered by Dr. Roger Callahan, TFT is the practice of "Tapping the Healer Within" to help conquer fears, anxieties, emotional distress, physical ailments and pain. 

Energetic Healing

Select healing modalities to include tantric yoga techniques, Reiki and Shamanic Touch. These ancient techniques stemming from Africa, America (Native), Asia and India have been known to help induce onsite healing in minutes and to render successful relief of symptomatic pain.

Physical Activity

A customized physical fitness regime planner based on the successful training of world class and today's leading physical fitness trainers.

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