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Living and healing naturally on all levels: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically are the catalysts for feeling good...and when you feel good, it's easier to fulfill your goals.  But who would know better than Ah'Nay Satori, who, within just five weeks, experienced the complete and natural healing of her reproductive organ, from what could have been full-blown cancer. 


To establish a goal to heal my body, I needed to realize that the very first change to be implemented was a complete  and positive mindset.  Next, I held myself accountable, and removed all parasitic nouns from my life (people, places and things that were negative).  Then I incorporated Laugh Therapy, which assisted my nervous system with relaxation, allowing my body the opportunity to rejuvenate and heal at a cellular level.  The best part was that instead of having to consume a plethora of toxic medicines, chemotherapy or surgery, I chose to consume plenty of rest and eat an abundance of healthier foods like fresh vegetables, fruits and select herbal remedies. In addition, drinking plenty of quality water helped to hydrate and flush out the toxins and waste from my body; and a good and simple physical activity further assisted my body's ability to purge, rebuild and strengthen tissue, organs, bones and muscles.

In return for my commitment to being accountable, a healthier mindset was developed, springing forth vibrant ideas; physical health, fitness and stamina were integrated, and a total lifestyle transformation, paired with an overall sense of perpetual wellbeing, replaced my former unhealthy lifestyle.

With 30 years exceeded in practicing within the holistic health industry and sustaining great health, I've extended my experience, knowledge and wisdom as Founder and Owner of 360º LifeStyle Coaching, a Holistic Health Advocate company, offering Accountability Coaching services.

360º LifeStyle Coaching is committed to helping you to fulfill your goals. We offer a very simplistic coaching paradigm to include Individual, Group and Corporate Coaching; along with friendly, non-judgmental Certified Coaches who are passionate about helping you materialize your goals.

It really isn't enough to just think about fulfilling your goals, or to just say you want to attain your goals.  It is enough to hold yourself "accountable,"...but, not everyone is capable of being accountable.  When holding yourself accountable becomes a challenge, you can count on 360º LifeStyle Coaching's - Accountability Coaches to help hold You accountable.  Utilizing the backbone of support, care and guidance, 360º LifeStyle Coaching will provide the essential skill-set, tools, knowledge and wisdom needed to help you successfully bring your goals into fruition, 


Start your Accountability Coaching program today and fulfill your goals.



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